!!! ALL YOUR FILES HAVE BEEN ENCRYPTED !!! All your files were encrypted using a private and unique key generated for the computer. This key is stored in our server and the only way to receive your key and decrypt your files is making a Bitcoin payment. To purchase your key and decrypt your files, please follow these steps: 1. Dowload the Tor Browser at "https://www.torproject.org/". If you need help, please Google for "access onion page". 2. Visit the following pages with the Tor Browser: 7qsadu7zrwn5gjkbpgocsh5z7y7e3jgnkicfuy4jsuggg2gqxnirzjad.onion 3. Enter your Client Key: Jlx0152XHmKOeYLSpfz2WyD284+iRv0NVkqrnX6GvQP4J/IffJKxAG++JkIgvFBYqCjhRMQ5ARA4ay/wrRCYNyseQh7IS/kdeCQhPcAHrqaH9Jd+J5/622kP9OJ76+RuvaEKXApxSGfgwEcFXYrqiRNutuGm7D3KsEwUJxvdQOp2wT7w6K5A72t7NHEpblDZJFgi/LfxY93VJxwdgzf3ceaC155d1NN9py/Dopyof12XccyTQv1mDbBLCL8WxW5G47Yy9ZQV39Xv5Vj/hDwgDZhHVi3vgHoy6pvXjxEW9CHk5qxqp8xcIQnj5gYlcq363y/7QUaCGruAh4ZW0+9Mjg==